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Farm, Harvest & the Story of Walter


Farm & Harvest

Thanks to its unique climate, Ecuador provides the perfect environment for growing the world’s finest cacao - Cacao Arriba. Recognized worldwide because of its floral flavors and its fruity aromas, the fine flavor cacao represents only 4,7% of the world cacao production. The knowledge about how to grow and harvest it, form part of the heritage of the country and we work with the farmers to maintain that tradition. The best seasons to harvest the fine flavor cacao are: March-April and October-December. 

Cacao Post-Harvest, Fermentation & Drying

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Cacao Post-Harvest

The post-harvest process starts when fresh cacao beans are taken to our collect center in Vinces, Ecuador. As a first step, cacao beans are weighted. Based on this data we pay our farmer ally a premium price, supporting our Direct Trade negotiations. Then the cacao beans are fermented and dried during several days. It is important for República del Cacao to have a collection center that ensures quality of the cacao transformation. Therefore within every step we are monitoring and processing quality tests for each batch with specific requirements. 

mayOro Chocolate-Specs

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Composition of the 76% Single Origin

Vintage 2018

This recipe “dark chocolate mayOro” made by the schoggiBar team, contains 76% of bio cacao solids, 24% of cane sugar.


Flowery, sweet prune, citrus, espresso

Production Specification

Fermentation: 4 days

Roasting: gentle

Conching: 5 hours