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Sustainable Mission

Defined by our socioenvironmental pillars: economic sustainability, ecoefficiency projects, knowledge exchange and gender equality, we operate with and for farmers, developing triple impact projects generating a direct, long term relation with our ally farmers. Simple objectives define this unique chocolate making adventure: investing in long term sustainability projects, mapping traceability in real time and guaranteeing quality and distinguished products. Select your interest, join our movement and let’s change the world: one cacao bean at the time.

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Organic Wrapper

A biodegradable wrapper made from wood
Wrapper foils made from renewable raw materials have long been a topic of discussion, but only recently has such a product, i.e. one no longer made from foods such as maize but from FSC-certified wood, become available. This foil is vapour-coated with an ultra-thin aluminium layer to protect the chocolate against light and oxygen, thereby helping to retain its freshness. The aluminium foil is 17 times thinner than the conventional aluminium foil used for chocolates and weighs just 0.078 g per 100-g-bar of chocolate.

Certified as compostable packaging
The foil is biodegradable and is certified to both the American ASTM D6400 standard as well as the EN 13432 European standard for compostable packaging. What's more, the foil has also been tested and certified as being compliant with the "OK Compost Home" standard; its suitability for use in home composting has been verified.

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